Moisture and Volatiles

Step 1 – Enter the Batch ID, Company, Username, and Date.

Step 2 – Weigh and record the mass of your beaker and stir bar (combined).

Step 3 – Add “wet” sample to the beaker and stir bar. Re-weigh and record mass value.

Step 4 – Stir vigorously while heating until all evaporation, boiling, and popping ceases, and incipient smoking begins. (Acetone may be added prior to heating to reduce popping and splattering.)

Step 5 – Weigh and record the mass of the beaker, stir bar, and dry sample (combined). Step 5 – Press Update to force a calculation.

Step 6 – Press Print to print. Press submit to save a copy of your data to our server. We do not regularly monitor this data, however in the event of an emergency we can look it up for you if you can give us an idea of when you submitted the data.

Calculators provided courtesy of our sister company, Reiter Scientific Consulting. If you're interested in expert guidance for your oil collection or biofuel production company, please check out

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