Buying from Reiter Trading

Reliable high quality feedstock

The nation's top biofuel and feed buyers demand quality and availability. Our dependable but diverse supply base ensures that they get what they want. Reiter Trading stands firmly behind every trade that we make.

Reliable delivery

Over 98% of our loads are delivered on time and on spec.

Buyer protection

We immediately discount or replace any load that's off spec.

LCFS/RFS2 compliance

We keep detailed records and attest statements for every load.

First-class logistics

Our team handles the logistics so you can focus on growth.

Detail oriented approach

Whether 50 tons or 5,000 tons, we take pride in doing it right.

A dependable team

We're here to help, wherever and whenever you need us.

Full tracability

When only "source verified" feedstock will do, you can count on Reiter Trading. To combat Carbon Credit fraud and unintended land use, the EPA and California have created criteria for biofuel eligible feedstocks. Reiter trading only offers compliant material to biofuel producers.

Full service

We make purchasing fats, oil, or grease from reliable, seamless, headache-free. In addition to delivering on time and on spec, we aspire to offer the best customer service in the industry, including custom load tracking, delivery scheduling, and financing options.

Learn how our feedstocks can serve your needs.

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Our current inventory

We generally offer Used Cooking Oil, Yellow Grease, Distillers Corn Oil, Brown Grease, Poultry Fat, and Pork Lard of American origin. Our actual product offerings can vary by location, delivery date, and tanker availability, so please contact us for more information, current inventory, and/or special requests.

Industry-leading service

Reiter Trading is pushing the FOG industry forward with our emphasis on unerring reliability and uncompromising customer service. We view our customers as long-term partners. It is only through your continual satisfaction and success that we can grow, so we look forward to serving whatever needs you might have.

LCFS and RFS compliance

We make LCFS and RFS compliance a top priority. Our staff keeps detailed records of material origin, collection procedure, rendering method, transit distance, and all other relevant carbon intensity documentation. When your end-of-year documents come due, you can rest assured that Reiter Trading will help make your filing a breeze.