Acid Value and FFA

Step 1 – Enter the Normality (mol/L) concentration of your caustic (NaOH, or KOH) solution.

Step 2 – Select an expected Acid Value range. Remember, Acid Value and % FFA are not the same thing. (You can assume that acid Value is roughly double the % FFA in most cases.)

Step 3 – Enter a Batch ID, Company Name, Username, and Date so that you can print or submit your data.

Step 4 – Weigh approximately the amount of oil specified by the calculator in a 250 mL beaker. Record the exact mass added.

Step 5 – Add solvent and phenolphthalein indicator to the sample. Add a magnetic stir bar or other stirring device and begin mixing. When the solution is homogeneous, begin adding titrant. Record the volume of titrant required to affect a color change in the cell provided.

Step 6 – Press Update to force a calculation.

Step 7 – Press Print to print. Press submit to save a copy of your data to our server. We do not regularly monitor this data, however in the event of an emergency we can look it up for you if you can give us an idea of when you submitted the data.

Calculators provided courtesy of our sister company, Reiter Scientific Consulting. If you're interested in expert guidance for your oil collection or biofuel production company, please check out

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